Laurie Besinet


The great departure

Published 20th Dec. 2017
This travel project began long months before I found myself on a plane to the other side of the planet. this article answers the questions I might have asked myself and how it was organized.

Why to travel?

To discover more and more

A few years ago, I went to live several months in the United States and then in Brazil. I came back enriched by fantastic discoveries and unforgettable encounters.

To enrich myself in contact with Others

During these travels, I was able to see the differences - linguistic, clerical or standard of living - but above all the similarities - in temperament, ideology, taste - with the people I met and travelled is one of the best ways to unleash the open-mindedness, the sense of observation and empathy.

A personnal challenge

It is also a challenge for myself, a way to test my limits in the face of the unknown and learn to be autonomous in a different context every day.

Also, when this opportunity to travel came up again to me, I immediately seized it!

The preparation

The choice of the New Zealand

The choice of the country of the \"Kiwis\", as the inhabitants call themselves, was made on the basis of different criteria:
  • an English-speaking country,
  • an island,
  • a temperate climate,
  • a well-developed agriculture,
  • a country away from Europe, where I already traveled a lot.
but above all:
  • lush nature,
  • extraordinary landscapes,
  • the warm welcome of the inhabitants,
  • the quality of life.

The Organisation

After discussion with my employer, we agreed on a leaving 6 months later, giving him time to replace me.
My preparation accelerated to be ready in September, with:
  • visa application,
  • obtaining a driver's license (just in time!),
  • purchase of airline ticket,
  • health and repatriation insurance registration,
  • Vaccine verification and medical chek up,
  • résiliation des abonnements aux téléphone, internet gaz, électricité, ...
  • Careful filling of the suitcase (23 kg for 1 year of travel is a challenge!),
  • last visit to family and friends.

And here we go!

The plane brought me from Toulouse to Auckland, via Paris and Shanghai, in 50 hours.
After a few days to recover from this long journey, the adventure of New Zealand and Auckland can begin.

To discover also Auckland click here.
See you soon!